The Friendly Wedding

The Friendly Wedding is a stand-alone romance novel written by C.D de Guzman in Wattpad year and it was published under Precious Hearts Romances at 2019. The novel might be stand alone but some of the characters have stories too, some are also published under Precious Hearts Romances and some are posted on Wattpad. You can read it in any order, it’s just the characters and placers are interconnected.

The book is all about a woman born in wealth named Sapphire Danaya Monteverde a self-proclaimed manhater. She’s a neglected child of her mother and she grew up in her grandmother’s mansion but when her grandmother died and the reading of Last will and Testament she found out that she can’t claim her inheritance if she’s not yet married before or on her 28th birthday but the thing is she will turn 28 the next month. She’s having a hard time since she’s a manhater and don’t have any boyfriends since birth, marrying a guys is definitely the last thing she would do but she have a dream- to build her own bookstore but it would be impossible without her inheritance and so she seek help from her cousins to find a man that suits her qualification and would agree to her terms. And there comes Johann Anderson he’s perfect for her qualifications who agreed to marry her for a distraction from his broken heart, but she made her do the household chores after the marriage that made her really pissed of him. For a short period of time they were together under one roof she feels like Johann is purposely doing things to simply flirt with her and she felt strange things toward Johann that made her really confuse, could it be like or love? But how could she know that she never felt those things before.

The book is good, the choice of words is simple even the flow of the story is very light. It made me read smoothly and finished the book early. The characters are molded properly, and the author never lose it she made her characters played their role perfectly without losing their own essence. It was very emotional and has lots of humor. But what I really liked about the book is that although the genre was romance it was mixed with other stuffs related to faith and the author did not state a particular religion and there’s not an argument in there and that’s enough to see that the author’s intention is pure. I guess it’s part of her writing style, she never failed to make God a part of her works. Aside from the faith thingy there are also a lot of lessons a reader can learn from the book sometimes I have to look at the cover once again if I ever mistaken to read another book because it feels like it’s a motivational or inspirational book, the author was like talking to the readers giving some piece of advice through her characters, the story moved me, it was so pure and genuine. The story also has an unexpected twist there are lots of revelation and it’s a matter of manipulation, realization and even fate.

The book would be enjoy by all ages except for children of course but I conclude that young adults would enjoy this more, it fits to them and it would be very helpful to them consider the learnings they could get from the book and it would strengthen their faith. I would give the book a 5 out of 5 stars the book is good, and I enjoyed every part of it, and it contributes a lot to my knowledge and faith.

“Everything will fall into their proper places at the right time.. Maniwala ka. English yon.”

– Johann, The Friendly Wedding